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Month: February 2007 (page 1 of 2)

Congestion Charging

Well, the Government must have had to get some serious IT help with their web-site after almost 2 million drivers hit them with objections to congestion charging. Typically, however, no-one in Government is listening. Where is the alternative? Until public transport improves dramatically people will not be persuaded out of their cars. But more than that, our whole life revolves around personal transport, we live far from where we work and, often, wherever we are we want to be somewhere else.

Until we create conditions that are more conducive to a green lifestyle the campaigners are just contributing to global warming with a lot of hot air.

Child Obesity

Good point raised on the news this morning – why ARE we splashing this unfortunate child’s name and face all over the media? Should we not be helping? And, what ARE Social Services going to do if they put him into care? Perhaps they’ll force-feed him five portions of fruit and vegetables a day!

Mobile Telephones

Now, maybe it’s just me but, while I agree that it’s dangerous to use a mobile while driving and I have no problem with the fines going up or issuing points to offenders should we really be diverting huge amounts of Police time to enforcement? There are many serious crimes, such as NHS staff assaulted every 7 minutes that, in my opinion, justify more Police attention. I’m sure it’s not the Police to blame here but some political interference. What do you think?

Interested in Flims?

Some time ago we invested in a Swiss holiday company which has property all over the World. It enables us to gain access to apartments in some superb locations provided we are prepared to do some of the organisation ourselves such as arrange flights. The accommodation is excellent as you can see…

Premium Apartment

This shows the living area with satellite TV (behind the viewer), a sizeable terrace to the right and spacious kitchen/dining area to the left, there are also two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This apartment sleeps 4 comfortably as both bedrooms are double. There are other sizes available from studio up. We can arrange bookings for interested parties from April 2007. You would need to drive (takes about 3 days) or fly (probably to Zurich) and arrange a hire car. We can make most of the arrangements for you.

Other locations include Chamonix, Majorca, Paris, Crete and many more.

What we use the donations for

Basically, to keep the site going. Although we beg & borrow as much as we can we do, sometimes, have to pay the going rate. In addition, I hope you will be asking us to do things like add new categories or persuade organisations to advertise positions here etc. So, all donations help us do a better job and respond to your requests.

Pictures of Flims

You can see more pictures of Flims here

Trying the new CV

Okay, I’ve updated the jobsite information with a new CV with most personal information removed. In particular, it will be difficult to figure out much else other than my name and what skills I have. We’ll see if that makes any difference!

Our first donation

On February 3rd Oliver Korn, from Kassel in central Germany, called in with a very unwell laptop. Fortunately, the engineers were able to repair the laptop although not able to get any data back as the drive was completely wrecked. While the guys were working I was explaining to Oliver what this site was all about. As a result, Oliver became our first supporter and we look forward to him joining the Blog.

Off to Vermont

I’m off to Vermont – I’ll send a postcard

Using the Blog

Has anyone got any comments about how easy/difficult this is?