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Month: March 2007

Very taxing 4×4

So, I’ll be charged £400 per year for road tax on my aging Discovery now. Wonder what that will achieve bearing in mind I can’t justify changing vehicle every time the Government comes up with a new hare-brained scheme for saving the World. I don’t use it for the school run and never did, it gets a fairly reasonable 35 miles to each gallon of diesel and until you can get four bales of hay in a Honda Prius I’ll have to stick with it. Anyway, it’s probably worth nowt now as they say in Yorkshire.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Whilst we are very keen to do our bit for the environment the current furore over energy efficient light bulbs is enough to put anyone off especially as there are some major myths around these devices. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL) are available in a number of forms and some are more efficient than others. All of them are more expensive so you need to ensure you get the type (or types) most suitable for your application. One of the issues is that CFLs last longer than normal light bulbs provided they are left on for longer periods i.e. switching on and off reduces their life. However, this consumes more electricity thus defeating at least part of the objective. In addition, CFLs contain mercury and are more expensive to recycle than conventional light bulbs.

The good news is that better designs are on the way which last longer and cost less so don’t rush out and buy yet – just watch this space 😉