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Month: April 2007

Inspectors needed

What with all the new legislation and the need to enforce it maybe there will be some job opportunities after all – as inspectors. Local authorities are going to need thousands of them and its ideal employment for old grumpies! We can poke our noses into places with greater abandon than ever and tell people off for not putting up their signs banning things. Great!

Smoking ban

First of all, let me confess, I am a smoker. No, I’m not going to try to convince you it’s good for you! I’m not arguing against a ban – the majority seems to have won that one. However, this is another area where the means exists to accommodate minorities but we have chosen not to. I accept that non-smokers have a right to be able to breathe clean air but why not give pubs & restaurants the option to run segregated areas?

Anyway, the fact that some businesses will close is not really that interesting what really hacks me off is the fact that I have to put up some more ugly signs. No-one has ever smoked in the office, it’s a listed building, and it’s soon going to have to sport ‘No Smoking’ signs. Why? We are also required to put up ‘Fire Exit’ signs – there’s only one door.

Still, one benefit I suppose, very soon we won’t need to decorate because all the wall-space will be covered in signs required by law. 🙂

BT Directories

I can’t believe it, those nice guys at Aaland (who let us use some of their server space) are getting bullied by the arrogant debt collection agency that BT has set on them! Seems that over two years ago BT mis-represented themselves and sold Aaland an entry in the directory under false pretences.

Whenever I buy any advertising in printed form I always expect proofs, that I sign off, in plenty of time to make any changes. It seems that Aaland insisted on proofs, didn’t get them and justifiably cancelled but BT went ahead and printed, complete with errors anyway. Now BT demands money (with menaces and after illegally attempting to re-instate a cancelled Direct Debit) for a really poor service and seems surprised the people at Aaland have refused payment.

Oh, for those of you who want to know, the debt collections agency is Credit Solutions from Purley in Surrey. Very aggressive, ill-informed and shabby organisation (I’ve overheard some of the conversations). Guy’s, the debt is disputed, that means it’s illegal for you to pursue it. BT has been given ample opportuniy to discuss this and refused. The ball is in their court.

Incidentally, why couldn’t the guys at Aaland cancel? Simple really, BT did not disclose the fact that they were signing an agreement for which the cancellation period had already expired! To be able to cancel they would have had to have given notice 6 weeks before they signed up. Talk about underhand.

Watch this space – we’ll let you know what happens next 🙂

The RSS Feed

I’ve just tested the RSS feed and it works well. In fact for a lot of users it’s going to be the preferred interface.

If you need an RSS reader there’s a good Open Source one you can download from here which is available for a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Our RSS feed is here.