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Month: August 2007


In the last post I mentioned how hard it was to get the message across if you owned a technology company. But, if you are an electrician or plumber or handyman then life is a whole lot simpler.

Marketing is inexpensive and effective; customers are loyal as long as you deliver good service and the returns are good too.

Why would I want a proper job again 🙂

IT Sector

It really is pretty grim being in IT these days. Technology companies are dropping like flies, rates for employees are poor and, if you have your own business, then getting your message over is well nigh impossible.

There’s a lot to keep up with so it’s no wonder stress levels are high. Fact is, a couple of years ago I was complaining that no-one would employ me in IT being over 50 (probably struggle at over 40 actually). Nowadays, I’m not sure I would be interested if they offered be gold bars as a bonus.

I don’t think I’m alone given the numbers leaving the industry. Considering the Country is, supposedly, 30,000 suitable employees short annually you would have thought that older workers would be more readily considered. Get your blinkers off!

For anyone looking for IT staff now, try interviewing a few plumbers and electricians – that’s where all the IT staff that didn’t emigrate went!

Street Violence

So, a few collection zones so the bad guys can hand in their guns without fear of prosecution will clear the streets of violence? Yeah, right.

Until we ALL do something about this problem it isn’t going away. You can have as many procedures and Anti-Social whatnots as you like but, in the end, someone has to go on the street equipped with the right tools, (no, not bigger guns!), and sort things out.

If the Police are not going to do it (probably because the Government won’t let them) then change the rules. Give us citizens the power to kick some butt without getting arrested.

And please, get the message, measuring things, inventing new forms to fill in and generally avoiding getting your hands dirty gets nothing done. Somebody please WAKE UP.

Or last one to leave switch the lights off 🙂