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Month: October 2007

Chip & Pin

Apparently, Chip and Pin is not so secure as its cracked up to be. Now, I never thought it was up to much anyway, but allowing transactions through even though the Chip cannot be read is ludicrous.

The banks claim this is to avoid upsetting customers whose card may simply be damaged. But remember this, if you lose money through an ATM through, say a cloned card (no Chip) the bank will lay the blame at your door as a Pin was used. There are numerous ways of getting your hands on a Pin but without the corresponding Chip it should be useless. 🙁

Religious Objectors

Of course Muslims, indeed any religious group, have the right to refuse to deal with certain conditions on religious grounds. Supermarket staff have the right to refuse to handle certain products on religious grounds too.

However, they should bear in mind that WE have the right to insist on medical treatment by staff who share OUR views. And we can always use a different till.

That’s integration!

Rubbish Tax

According to yesterday’s Daily Mail (Saturday, October 6th) we’ll soon be charged £40 if we put out more than one bag of rubbish!

The powers that be still have not the wit to realise that the problem needs to be tackled at source.

It’s time for people to take matters into their own hands. I suggest a protest next time you shop – leave all the extraneous wrapping in the shop. Then the shop owners will pay for disposal and something might get done – especially if the shop concerned is a large supermarket 🙂

Party Politics

With the Labour Party conference just gone and the Conservatives in Blackpool as we speak can someone explain to me how democracy benefits from a party system because I can’t work it out?

Party politics seems to lead to short-term decision making and more time spent scoring points than delivering results. It’s expensive and difficult for the general population to get engaged.

What I want to see is my locally elected representative in Parliament fighting for things that are of interest to us here. Governments should have longevity so decisions are not compromised by election changes. I also would expect transparency in accounting so I can see where my money actually goes.

In other words I want my say and I want to see democracy working. Right now, I see the will of the minority imposed on the majority. Centuries ago this would have been called slavery 🙂