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Month: February 2008

Fluoride in your drinking water

Without going into all the emotive aspects of this ill-considered proposal it is a fact that few members of the public know very much about fluoride and scientists disagree about possible health benefits or side effects. Even official government information is conflicting with statements such as “fluoride is a naturally occurring element” (it isn’t, it’s a mineral compound). In some cases fluoride is naturally occurring but the fluoride that will be injected into drinking water most certainly is not.

Apparently, the reason for mass-fluoridation is that the junk many people consume such as fizzy, sugary drinks cause serious tooth decay.

So, fluoridate the junk and don’t use the population as a testing ground for mass-medication. You can see the current concentrations of fluoride in your area on this map.

Conway plc

How does Derek Conway sleep nights? He seems to believe that relieving the taxpayer of an enormous chunk of cash is somehow justified. Apparently these skills have been honed over a long period. Indeed, according to the Daily Mail, when he was Chief Executive of the Cats Protection League (on a £100,000 salary) he even tried to claim £10 expenses for his dog, Mimi, staying overnight in an hotel.

Unfortunately, Mimi has since died, and this may hamper the investigations as she may have been able to provide valuable information although it is doubtful whether it would have been admissable in court. Some people have speculated that Mimi may have faked her own death to avoid embarrassing questions 😉

Who else is picking your pocket?

Apparently, fewer than a third of the 2.7 million claiming benefit are actually entitled to it according to a government welfare adviser – read more here.

Now, it can’t be that difficult to fix this problem can it? On the grounds that everyone who isn’t dead can do something or they might as well be, have claimants who aren’t dead sign-on daily. Give them some task(s) which take them from 9:00am to 5:30pm to complete even it’s moving something backwards and forwards up the road. They get paid at the end of the day for a days work. They’ll be so bored they’ll jump at the chance of a job 🙂

No jail for burglars

So, the Government is planning to relax sentencing for burglars. If, as a burglar, you would have received a sentence of less than a year you’ll now get “supervision and activity” in the community.

You can read more about it here.

However, I can’t help thinking the Government’s getting nervous about its own activities, after all they’ve been burgling us for years. Need proof? Read the article on “Conway Plc“.