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Month: March 2008


If the Government would like to make a major environmental impact (positive, of course!) could I make a suggestion?

Outlaw junk mail!

It won’t cost them a penny; it will save millions of trees; it will significantly reduce levels of waste and it will be supported by most of the population.

It doesn’t get much better than this…


Dutch politician Geert Wilders appears to have incensed Muslims across the World and some would say it serves them right. Muslims are seen by many non-Muslims as intolerant and dangerous. However, bear in mind the same could have been said about Protestants a decade or two ago.

The problem with intolerant people of any religion or persuasion is that they want everyone to share their view and that will never happen. Everyone has a right to their point of view and the right to try to persuade others of its validity. No-one has the right to force their views on anyone else.

Right now, a militant minority of Muslims are the main offenders and they are a threat to everyone else, including the vast majority of Muslims who are decent, law-abiding citizens.

World Leaders

I’m not qualified to be a World leader as I (i) don’t have a large ego; (ii) am not very material and (iii) am reasonably good at what I do. On top of that I tend not to suggest I know more about other people’s specialist areas than they do.

It’s not limited to Europe either – do you see a World leader anywhere who is any more than a joke and some are far worse. Still, some of their days are numbered.

Africa is the next natural location for industrial growth, China has already been taking a look as has the United States. That pretty much spells the end for the likes of Mugabe as neither country is going to invest in Africa only to see millions syphoned off.

As there is an abundance of raw materials, land and cheap labour available I reckon Mugabe’s days are numbered without our intervention. The rush to consumerism by the people will see to that.

Drink driving

So, the limit may very well drop to 50mg per 100ml of blood – that’s equivalent to about 1 (small) glass of wine. I don’t have a problem with this but banning the offender just doesn’t work.

Why not recycle the car they are driving, whoever it belongs to, in a crusher every time they get caught? That will soon start to hurt!

It’s my birthday

I’m 54 today. Funny, but I don’t feel any different as I clock another year.

I know something is changing though because every time I look at an attractive young woman out shopping with her mum it’s the mum that interests me!

And, all the mirrors in the house went funny years ago – every time I look in one this old git stares back 🙂

Ian Wright’s Unfit Kids

Wright now (sic) I am watching this on the box and I am blown away…

I am so lucky that none of my children are even slightly overweight. If they don’t wise up these kids are likely to die early and miss out on so much.

I sincerely hope that they take advantage of the time that a celebrity, who does not need to do this, is giving them.