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Month: April 2008


Another month is just about to start and I’m looking forward to more exhilarating conversations with telephone companies wanting to introduce me to their exciting new tariffs that will save me a fortune. That and the fact that my local exchange has recently been upgraded.

I’ve got news for all the telephone companies out there, I need information about telephone tariffs like I need a second arse.

My local exchange has been upgraded every month for as long as I can remember; it’s probably running 23rd century technology by now!

What would be useful is a curly lead for my telephone that doesn’t kink after half a dozen calls but nobody seems to have got that nailed yet.

Don’t get caught!

Last year there was a spate of telephone scams around drugs abuse, this year it’s bullying.

This is how it works. You get a cold caller on the telephone who claims to have spoken to you several months, or even a year, ago. They remind you that you agreed to help by taking advertising space in the booklet they are publishing. The booklet has been published and now they want payment.

There never was a prior call and there probably is no booklet, although a few scrappy copies may have been produced to keep everything just about legal.

Last year the Drugs Awareness booklet was destined for all local schools; this year the Anti-bullying Initiative booklet is destined for guess where? Yes, all local schools.

Take a look in your local school, do you see any? Ask the staff, have they had any? No! Any booklets of this kind are generally made available to schools through websites such as and are free. Small businesses are generally the target for these scams as you can see on this blog.

So, if you have a couple of hundred quid to spare and you don’t mind donating it to a good cause give us a call. At least you’ll know where it went 🙂