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Month: July 2008

Stayput Tags

As you all know those awfully nice people at Aaland let us use some of their office space and provide the space for this blog on one of their servers.

For some reason, another Company on the same site has decided to use Aaland’s address on their web site claiming it as their own. No-one has really managed to work out why this is unless they are deliberately trying to mislead.

The upshot is mail gets mis-delivered as do parcel deliveries and visitors are understandably confused.

Stayput Tags have a big number 10 by the door of their building and this should have served as some kind of clue but they haven’t managed to work out this simple giveaway. The number by Aaland’s door is 9 (another clue!) but they persist with their subterfuge anyway.

Anyway, for everyone out there looking for Stayput Tags they are at number 10, Aaland is at number 9 and always has been.

Max Mosley

My neighbours like dressing up in leather and whipping each other’s…

Whoa, too much information already 🙂 and that’s my whole point really. I’m not interested in what Max Mosley gets up to in his private life although, at 68, his stamina is to be admired (I’ll have whatever he’s having).

We may disagree with what people do but it’s a matter of individual choice and personal freedom. Special cases exist (or should do) where National Security or credibility of an organisation may be affected and then it’s a matter for the relevant authorities. It’s not a matter for people to bleat about ‘freedom of the Press’ – all the Press are concerned about in this case is how many papers get sold.

It’s sad that anyone finds reading about this sort of thing even remotely interesting. My neighbours, by the way, have never been in the papers; have, as far as I know, no positions of responsibility to maintain; and, happily, have never kept me awake at night with whacking noises or grunts of ecstasy in German (or any other language).

Hopefully, things will stay that way but, if they don’t, I won’t be calling News of the World.

Entertainment News

Stunning news had me sitting up sharply in my bed this morning as it was revealed that Daniel Craig had to use stacked heels on the latest Bond film!

Scanning the rest of the item rapidly I expected to find revelations that it was medical intervention to correct an injury sustained during filming and that hip replacement surgery was planned for the Autumn.

However, it appears that it was just the fact that the current Bond girl was slightly taller in her high heels.

Must be a real shortage of entertainment news about at the moment…