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Month: August 2008

Reality TV

Curiously, you can now attend classes in Reality TV – how to gain an edge over your opponents reports Heather Alexander on BBC News! To get your 15 minutes of fame nowadays you need to be just a bit better prepared than the average stupid applicant.

In case you hadn’t noticed, political correctness is frowned on here so go here for translations if you are a sensitive soul.

Reality TV shows have few redeeming features but those that do spring to mind include keeping moronic viewers off the streets for while.

The only Reality I can see is that contestants are universally stupid; production crews are universally patronising while viewers are manipulated as usual. Still, it’s an effective way of keeping millions quiet when the required medical treatment would be too expensive to be made available by NICE.

Mexican Chicken

I thought I’d add this section as I have loads of easy recipes that I’ve made up or modified over the years. This one’s really quick and tasty!

You’ll need (per person):

1 chicken breast (or Quorn pieces/fillet for veggie version)
1 red bell pepper (or mix colours)
1 onion
4 medium sized mushrooms
1 packet Discovery fajita mix
Half a cup of long-grain rice
Sunflower oil

Takes about 20 minutes:

Start the rice cooking. I prefer to use a steamer that I got many years ago as you just bung in the rice, add hot water and shove it in the microwave for about 5 minutes. Use whatever method suits including boil-in-the-bag.

Peel and slice the onion, slice the pepper removing seeds. Clean the mushrooms with a damp cloth, remove stalks and slice. Heat some oil in a frying pan or wok and add the onions. When they are starting to soften, after a couple of minutes, add the pepper and fry for another couple of minutes. Finally, add the mushrooms and fry until they have softened. Remove the vegetables and stand to one side, drain on kitchen roll if you’re watching the pounds!

Slice the chicken/Quorn into strips. Add a little more oil and put the chicken/Quorn straight in. Fry for a few minutes until golden. In the case of chicken turn to ensure thoroughly cooked. Add the previously cooked vegetables to the pan, stir and warm through. Sprinkle the fajita mix on, a little at a time, until everything has a light coating. As a guide, half the packet provides enough for two people. Stir thoroughly and turn down the heat.

Rinse the rice with boiling water and add to a serving bowl. Mix in the chicken/Quorn and vegetables. Serve immediately. Alternatively, you can warm this up in the oven later.