Is it just me or…

I know we are rapidly spiraling into recession, some would say we have already arrived, but why do I get the feeling we will not all be affected equally? The Bank of England cuts interest rates to 3% but the high street banks don’t pass it on and now they are looking for ways to recover the money they will lose by not selling payment protection insurance. For those of you who have been ‘off-planet’ for the last decade, payment protection insurance, or PPI, is foisted upon us as a way of ensuring our loan will be paid off if we can’t meet the payments. What usually happens is it doesn’t payout for the problem we actually have, whatever it may be, we pay through the nose for it, it’s added to the loan so we pay interest on it and, wham, bam, thank-you maam, the bank has shafted you again.

Then there’s all the redundancies at the likes of BT, 10,000 in six months, that’s unbelievable. What were all these people doing in the previous six months? Sitting on their arses? No, they’ve only just been identified as being surplus to requirements. What? All 10,000? Seems like an opportunity has been grasped here. Sorry, we’re in recession, we have to make some cuts to save the business. Save ‘fat cats’ life style more like.

So, 10,000 more people looking at a shite Christmas and more shite service from BT looks on the cards. Well, can a company lose that many people and see no reduction in service. If it can then let’s hope most of the people leaving are in the management team because they’re obviously doing bugger all!

In the meantime I’m writing a new TV gameshow. The title? “You’ve been shafted”. Bet you can’t guess what it’s about!