The recent ‘invasion’ of Stansted airport didn’t change the World nor did 9/11. Oh sure, security got better. Now I can’t get on a ‘plane without surrendering my nail file and submitting to a strip-search in case I have some C4 secreted in my rectum! But the World didn’t change for the better and it won’t change after a suicide bombing or even one a day. So, if you want to change the World what can you do?

Opt out of consumerism. Just look at what’s happened over the last few months. The World is in complete panic. There’s no credit to be had and that means many can’t buy all those things they don’t need and will never use. However, that’s a major problem because consumerism drives the World. So, if you want to change things, stop buying. That will certainly get the message across.

Consumerism is simply not sustainable. To maintain growth the cost of consumer goods must fall year on year. That means moving manufacturing to cheaper labour markets hence the growth of China. But China is struggling to compete now so where will manufacture move next? Well, India is a good bet but not for long. When all of Asia is consumed where next? Probably Africa. What happens when we run out of impoverished nations to exploit (move manufacturing to)? Perhaps the Western World will be so poor by then that manufacturing will move back to the US and the UK.

So, it all goes full circle then?

And what have we achieved in the meantime? Nothing. Pandering to consumers results in broken societies. Goods are moved all over the World wasting huge resources but justified on the grounds of cost. But it’s a cost in financial terms while the cost in real terms is huge and unrecoverable. Cheap is not best, it’s usually costing the future something we will never be able to pay back and that’s a major tragedy.

We can all do something about this just by refusing to buy things we don’t need and shouldn’t even want. And one thing is certain, voting with your wallet is about the only thing you can do today to change the World for the better. And, you can’t get arrested for it either! Sadly, most people simply don’t have the balls to do it.