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Month: April 2009 (page 1 of 2)

Property Development

After another weekend of property development it’s back to moving the office – we only have five days to go…

Let’s just clear up one thing about the weekend property development stuff, it’s not glamorous like on the telly! I come back home on Sunday night with a hairstyle that looks like a whole jar of styling gel has been applied. In reality, it’s two days of up in the loft under the floor and being splattered by the plasterer.

I don’t know how Sarah Beeny manages to look so good, I look like something the cat dragged in 🙂

In transit

No, nothing to do with white vans and everything to do with moving web sites…

It’s mid-morning Friday and I’ve moved the easy sites to a server I’ve set up at my house now it’s time for the hard ones. What’s a hard one? It’s one that has a database back-end that stores all the pages and stuff.

Two hours later…

That’s this blog moved and it turned out to be not so hard, more time-consuming. So onto another.

Another two hours later…

This one’s proving a little more difficult and I’ve got a headache!

An hour later…

I don’t know why but it works now so I’m off home. I’ll do the last one next week.

Private Parking

It’s Thursday and I’ve hit the skip so many times I could be up for my own parking place 🙂

Selling on Ebay is going well too although I can’t see how some people make any money. For example, I have trade cards and accounts with a range of distributors and I can’t buy a lot of this stuff for the price it’s selling at. They must be buying it by the pallet load (or there’s a lot of  ‘stock shrinkage’ about)!

Where oh where?

We need to find somewhere else to put this site.

All the servers are at the office of course and there’s not going to be an office shortly so where oh where can we move to? Given the object of the exercise is to reduce costs coughing up for an Internet host at whatever per month won’t be well received!

The other problem is that I’m not sure how to move a WordPress blog having never done it before…

Not even a dent!

Funnily enough the office doesn’t seem any emptier than it was before we started we’ll have to make a greater effort next week as we are moving over the Bank Holiday weekend come whatever. What we can’t sell or giveaway will have to be stored in the lockup. Given that it’s packed to ceiling already that’s gonna be fun 🙂

Many thanks to friends and family who have offered temporary storage space but I don’t think they realise how much space would be taken up. The furniture was delivered in a 7.5 tonner, packed floor to ceiling, and that was in flat pack form. This amount of stuff isn’t going in a corner of a mates garage…

What a waste…

Back to packing stuff in boxes and taking other stuff to the local dump. I’m going to two different ones on alternate days now in an attempt to lower my profile a bit.

One of the things this exercise has revealed though is the appalling level of waste in the World – I can’t believe that we are the only people to have collected this much stuff. It wouldn’t be so bad but it loses value so quickly that I can’t give it away.

I am trying freecycle at the moment. Freecycle is an online means of linking people who have items they don’t want with people who are looking for items…

Most of the UK appears to be covered so click on one of the links above and try wasting less.

General Rant

Too knackered after property development weekend to care really so not much sorting of crap and throwing out. Did some, but mainly spent all day faffing around!
Tomorrow I’ll be more energetic 🙂
What is it with the health and safety people? Don’t they know that if you don’t take some risks nothing ever gets done? There’s no way I am gonna pay £280 to go on a ‘ladder awareness’ course. I know what a ladder looks like! I know how to use one and I know if I fall off it it’s gonna bloody hurt. So, stop taking the piss guys, go get a real job…

BBC dumbs down

Normally we hear of ‘dumbing down’ as a means of connecting with those whose education leaves something to desired but not in this case. In this case it’s the BBC themselves who appear to have a less than acceptable command of English.
I’ve heard numerous reports of the Police being ‘systematically racist’. Now that could be very alarming, or it could be very encouraging. We should be told!
Systematically is used where there is some kind of procedure i.e. ‘The Police are becoming systematically more/less racist’. One good, the other bad.
I think the reporter really meant ‘systemically’, as in the Police, as an organisation, are inherently racist.
There’s no point in listening to a news report if it doesn’t actually say anything and confusing ‘systemic’ and ‘systematically’ leaves us all confused about what is, or is not, the case.
Except, of course, for those who are confused about the difference anyway!

Property Development

It’s Saturday and I’m off to do some property development for the weekend.
I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say it’s a pretty big job and first priority is to finish the stairs not least so we don’t all break our necks getting up and down 🙂
The second attempt at constructing an access panel for the plumbing under the bath is a disaster – I’m tiling up the bath side and the plywood warps even with loads of PVA. Still, we’re learning all the time.

Who cares?

End of week one of planning to close the office and I’ve disposed of a phenomenal amount of ‘junk’. Well, it’s not really junk but no-one wants it unless, of course, it’s pretty much for free. Put a laptop on Ebay for 99p plus £49.99 postage. At the end of the day it’s a laptop (working, albeit a little elderly) for £50 – I thought it was a pretty good deal. Someone complained that you could post a laptop for £14. What do you want? That I deliver it and you pay £2?
I have loads of completely pristine books but the technology they explain is too old to make them interesting anymore. It’s not worth putting them on for 99p and £2.50 postage.
And that’s the nub of the problem, everything is out of date before it even gets to you so it’s worthless as soon as you see it. What’s the point of buying stuff?
But hey, I can throw it away so who cares?