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Month: June 2009

Lily Allen’s dewdrop

Now that’s really news 🙂

Thought for the day

How can a boss go undercover (Undercover Boss, Channel 4) in his or her own Company? Are they so unrecognisable that not a single employee would know who they were?

If that’s the case then there’s the problem…

If only!

Some time ago I borrowed a television from XXXXXXXXX for my house at 38 XXXXXXX, near XXXXXX and they’ve just found out. Apparently, XXXXXX don’t approve of people borrowing things from their store!

I’ve said I’ll take it back but they wanted to prosecute so I’ve been investigated by the XXXXX and appeared in XXXX where I was fined £XX. Fortunately, the XXXX and The XXXXX agreed not to reveal my details to the public so no-one knows about this except the Board of Directors at the Company I own.

They’ve been really good. Obviously my position was untenable and, as they said, it wasn’t the fact that I borrowed something long-term from XXX but that I got found out. Anyway, I had to resign as Managing Director.

Happily, my wife is Company Secretary so she’s created a new post to start as soon as all the fuss has died down (in about a month). I’m really looking forward to the challenge of becoming the first Directing Manager in the Company.

Oh, and I didn’t have to take the television back either 🙂