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Month: July 2009

Swine Flu Advice

Seeing as the Government’s new web-site was creaking under the strain of 2600 hits per second at its inauguration we have decided to help out where we can.

Well, with 100,000 new cases last week what else can we do? Now, about those 100,000 new cases, these are confirmed. For all we know there could have been 10 times that among people who just got on with it rather than surfing or asking the call centre for advice.

Oh, the new call centre? That’ll be the one staffed from the job centre with such wide-ranging personal experience as window cleaning, drug addiction and alcohol problems (allegedly)!

So, got flu symptoms? Go to bed, take a couple of paracetamols, drink plenty of fluids (not alcohol!). If you’re a man, you probably have a hangover so get off your arse and go to work.

Seriously, unless you are in a high-risk group like asthmatics daily using an inhaler you may not even know you have it and it’s unlikely to be dangerous even if you do. Happily, swine flu is one thing oldies like me will probably be immune to 🙂

You can get sound advice here at the NHS web-site. In the meantime, most people just have an acute case of ‘sicki-itis’ otherwise known as ‘bone-idle, couldn’t give a toss syndrome’ which can be cured by a swift kick up the arse. Obviously, only after a risk assessment and due consideration of their ethnicity, human rights and whatever else it is that gets in the way of doing something sensible these days…oink, oink.

BT Directories – Stop Press

Just as I think that I’ve heard the last from Bt Directories more pain arrives 🙁

Surfing around and discover a site called the ‘electricians register’. I refuse to even put a link to these parasites but you can find them with an easy search on Google. Beware!

The site offers a free listing and offers potential customers an easy way to find electricians in your area. Crap. It’s just another one of the 130 odd sites owned by BT Directories designed to extort money from unsuspecting tradesmen in difficult times.

Did I get my ‘free listing’? Not a chance. What I got was aggressive telephone calls from obnoxious hard sellers wanting to deliver bugger all – as usual, useless crap.

As I’ve said before, and will keep saying, organisations like BT Directories couldn’t give a toss about customers, they just want your cash. They deliver nothing and never will.

So, I’ve created a new category, just for them. I’ll also be keeping an eye on their activities from now on. If YOU have a complaint about BT Directories send it here and we’ll publish it.

Organisations like this should get as much pain as possible…