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Month: August 2009

Watching the grass grow…

Driving around North Yorkshire recently trying to earn a few quid I couldn’t help noticing how much land is turned over to growing grass.

Now, the Vale of York is a good, fertile area and we could grow a fair amount of food here except, of course, that major resellers, like supermarkets, would rather buy from abroad at lower prices so they can make more money.

The supermarkets may make more money but we lose out big-time. It costs more in global resources to ship the produce here, it has to be chilled and doesn’t last anything like as long after we buy it. I’m not convinced it’s beneficial to the countries who supply it either – their farmers must be on a pittance.

Just a thought, why don’t we grow more here and help the planet? Nah, that would be too sensible…


The release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the supposed Lockerbie bomber, has not met with universal support. Quelle surprise!

Many believe that he had little, or nothing, to do with the bombing anyway.

Chances are that his family received a cash payout while he took the fall.

The fact that there are lucrative oil deals likely in Libya only add to the speculation.

Seems likely we’re all being ripped off again – mushroom syndrome – kept in the dark and fed bullshit…

Americans? What do they know?

Oh dear. Now the Americans are taking a pop at the NHS!.

That’s a country that spends more than twice the amount per head than the UK; where more than 40 million people (two thirds of the UK population) dare not go to hospital because they can’t afford the bill and where the World Health Organisation rates US health-care system 37th while the UK is 18th.

In the UK we have a higher life-expectancy, more beds, midwives and nurses per head and only slightly fewer doctors. In the US patients trek to Canada to get cheaper prescription drugs. I know the NHS is not perfect, but I also know that a lot of people work damned hard to continually improve it. It’s available to all, free at point of delivery. The NHS has never let me down and it does not deserve this kind of abuse.

Still, most American citizens seem to have more in common with the Simpsons than normality. Their greatest accolades seem to be as fat bastards exporting their unhealthy lifestyles to unsuspecting countries throughout the World. Then there are the millions of their own citizens who can’t afford to access their own healthcare systems while the people who could treat them get fat on their excessive charges and they criticise us! Amazing!

Get real. The majority of Americans care not a damn for anyone else so long as they can get their cheap fuel and stamp on anyone who gets in their way. Sod the ‘special relationship’, Americans suck (to use their own expression).

Unfortunately, President Obama, who seems to be the most sensible American for decades, is probably on a loser here. He wants to do something really beneficial for the Country (and the World) and the American population will probably veto it because it will cost a couple of cents more in tax.

However, the World is changing fast. The Internet has arrived. HELLO! We can all make a statement now.

So, put two fingers up to the dipsticks in the good old US of A 🙂

Customer Service? Don’t make me laugh.

For the first time in over 2 years I was late with a payment to Barclaycard. My outstanding balance is a measly few hundred quid and I’ve got a late payment charge. Well, fair enough, I should have been more organised.

However, that doesn’t mean I have to put up with repeated calls over the weekend from people who would like to ‘discuss’ the situation. There is no situation. I got a letter advising me on Friday. I’ll be paying it on Monday.

I’ve also cut up the card and I’ll be advising them of that on Monday too.

How things change. Two years ago when I last forgot the payment I got a letter saying ‘Perhaps you overlooked your payment…’ Friday it said ‘You have defaulted on your credit agreement…’

Well, for future reference:

  • I refuse to deal with overseas call centres. If they can’t call me from the UK they can get stuffed.
  • I will never discuss personal stuff like this on the telephone.
  • I will not be ‘taken through security procedures’ on the telephone unless I call them.
  • I refuse to have my weekend disrupted (8pm on Sunday would you believe) by anyone I don’t know.
  • I am heartily sick of organisations like Barclaycard paying huge bonuses to arseholes who dream this kind of crap up.
  • If I ever find out who suggested this procedure I will personally insert the card so far up their ‘Back orifice’ they’ll choke on it.

Well done Barclaycard – another satisfied customer…