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Month: September 2009

New Labour stuns investors!

With apologies to The Sunday Times and Jon Moulton whose words I have shamelessly plundered…

“What would you think if you were forced to invest in a Company which always misses its targets, has unhappy owners and a huge unfunded pension deficit, has increased overheads in real terms for over a decade, has had negative cashflow for 20 years, can only make ends meet by both charging its customers more and borrowing more to pay the interest, cooks the books by missing out liabilities, has an appalling record on senior management expenses and an unqualified finance director of bizarre appearance?”

You’d be pretty pissed about it wouldn’t you?

Welcome to New Labour – if it was a Company, the Directors would be struck off…

Who’s fault is it anyway?

With so-called ‘feral gangs of youths’ roaming our streets and terrorising people it’s easy to jump up and down but, really, we’re all to blame for this. Decisions made by successive Governments, businesses and individuals over decades have a cumulative effect. Governmental meddling moved us to a more service-based economy resulting in decimation of our manufacturing industry and slower recovery from recession – we have less to export than other countries.

Greed of businesses and individuals led to prices being forced down – that’s market forces at work – so we import more manufactured goods as it’s cheaper to make them in China and other eastern nations. Added to that, we employ too many people from overseas such as eastern Europe because they cost less.

What’s that got to do with gangs of youths?

They know from an early age there’s not much of a future for them so they disengage completely. This is because they get encouraged to do well at school with a view to going to university and thence professional life. The problem is a significant number of people are not interested in this route but there are few other opportunities. There used to be apprenticeships but they are no more, there are no jobs for apprentices to go to anyway – there’s hardly any manufacturers! Anyway, these kids can get up to £200 a day running for drug dealers. Bloody hell! That’s more than I earn in honest toil.

So what do we do? Prosecute more of them, give them bigger fines and more custodial sentences? Hardly going to work is it? Government has introduced more than 3000 new laws and that’s just New Labour but there are not enough policemen to enforce them. Probably just as well because the courts couldn’t cope with all the prosecutions and there’s nowhere to imprison them. I’ve skipped the fines part as there’s no-one to enforce payment of fines so there’s no point even thinking about that route.

What do we do? Actually, we send working parties off on jollies to see how other countries deal with the problem. Pathetic. Anyone thought about asking the gangs themselves? You’d probably find out pretty quick that they feel betrayed by society with no hope of ever getting involved and crime being their only option.

This is all because we can’t provide a fair society with opportunities for all and fair returns. How can someone be worth £2,500 per hour when playing football and £6.50 per hour when serving in a shop?

We usually get what we deserve in life and in my opinion we certainly deserve our ‘feral gangs’.

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In praise of Spotted Dick

Over the years numerous individuals and groups have sought to change the name of various things and the well-known pudding, Spotted Dick, has been right up there among the most maligned. Of course, with a name like that it will come in for immature, even puerile, comments from the sniggering schoolboy types amongst us – some more than old enough to know better.

But, when you change the name of something you should be damn sure you change it for the better – Spotted Richard doesn’t really make the grade does it?

Richard is short for Richard the Third, Cockney rhyming slang. It’s got a number of meanings one of which is ‘turd’ (shit).

So, all of you sensitive souls who didn’t want to ask for Spotted Dick enjoy your ‘Turd and Custard’ and stop your meddling. After all, you know Jack anyway. (That’s Jack Shit, by the way, or bugger all basically)!

Surviving Swine Flu!

Well, after publishing advice on Swine Flu I never really expected to think about it any more. Then I got it!

The phrase ‘It’s unlikely to kill you’ in advice leaflets could be replaced (in my case) with ‘You probably won’t die, it’ll just feel like you are, for days’. Mosts cases have been mild up to now, apparently, although how would anyone know this as some people are very stoic while others have an epi-fit over nothing.

I don’t know how mild, or otherwise, my symptoms were but I do know I don’t want it again and I’m no wimp.

I got 100% hit on the symptoms with the nausea/vomiting/diarrhoea being something to look forward to over several days although since I’d lost all my appetite there was nothing to throw pretty quickly 🙂

Nerves jangling, I couldn’t settle anywhere so never slept for about 5 days. I lost a stone – great diet! Things are looking up a bit now although I also got bronchial complications so I’ve got a course of anti-biotics to get through yet and I have no energy at all.

Tamiflu? Never tried it, too many nasty symptoms to risk nasty side-effects too. Besides, it’s not a cure – just alleviates the symptoms for a couple of days.

Looking for advice? Get plenty of paracetamol and ‘over-the-counter’ ‘flu remedies. Curl up somewhere warm and stay there for a week.