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Month: October 2009

BNP on Question Time

Well! That’s causing a jolly stir isn’t it!

What’s the problem? The BNP is a legal party with a democratically elected leader (more than Labour can say). Is the BNP good for Britain? Probably not. Am I happy that Nick Griffin is on Question Time? Not really.

My question is was it inevitable? Given where we are now, politically, probably but it could have been prevented if not for Government incompetence and arrogance coupled with the apathy of the population in general.

Oh, so it’s someone else’s fault then!

Government failed to grasp how strongly people feel about uncontrolled immigration and whenever anyone tried to raise the issue there were cries of  ‘racist’. It isn’t racist to control immigration. Immigration should be used by the Country to enable us to attract people who can make a contribution. It should also be used to help people who need it i.e. economic migrants, refugees. It should not be a free for all.

So, the Government has failed consistently to manage immigration. As for the electorate, they just stand by and let it happen because they are too interested in their own feeble attempts to become rich and famous, go shopping or are otherwise wrapped up in their own little world. You may not have voted for our illustrious leaders but what have you done to keep them out?

So the BNP now have a platform and it’s legal. Nick Griffin may make a complete arse of himself on Question Time but it probably won’t matter one jot. The people that follow him mostly can’t string a sentence together anyway so a few BNP gaffes will probably raise applause in the pub. The political figures that snipe at him will only look more out of touch with an increasingly disgruntled electorate.

It could so easily have been avoided…

Striking in a recession is not a good idea!

The postal workers go on strike today, the binmen in Leeds have been on strike since early September and may be out until Christmas while South Yorkshire firefighters went on strike on October 19th.

I’m not going to comment on who is right and who is wrong, there are plenty of people already doing that despite the fact that they probably know no more than we do. It’s rare to get to the truth these days.

You can call me cynical but a recession is an awfully good time for organisations to push for change and shake a little shit out…

The end of the World is nigh!

As a West Yorkshire farmer is prosecuted and fined £150 for failing to satisfy the ‘psycological and ethological’ needs of his cows because he kept them in a barn with the doors shut and with no lighting you can’t help wondering…

Still, just in case, I’ve installed ‘bark-operated’ lights and doors in my house and I’m looking into a psycological assessment before the end of the year 🙂

In another case, a nine year old girl takes her birthday cake to school only to find she is not allowed to share it, only to blow out the candles – healthy eating policy apparently.

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda and the Taliban rule Afghanistan and north-western Pakistan. Anybody know what they want, apart from lots of dead infidels (that’s us by the way)? Well, the only good terrorist is dead one and at the rate the World population is growing the sooner they get dead the better.

In my lifetime, I was born in 1954, World population has more than doubled to around 6.5 billion! How are we going to feed them all? Well, according to New Scientist, Africa could feed the World almost on its own! Read the article here. That could make Africa more valuable as a World resource than the Middle East given that oil production will likely peak about now (some would argue that it already has). Read one view here.

It would be nice to think that millions of Africans will benefit from working for the World’s largest food producer but I suspect that they will probably not, given the ever-widening gulf between rich and poor. Now, there lots of theories about why this is but the bottom line is that there is a relatively fixed amount of money in the World. If you print more money inflation goes up as the value of the money drops so that’s bad, obviously. In my cynical view then, if you control the economy on unemployment you keep wages down, the rest of us pay (through taxes) for the benefit paid out, inflation remains low and rich bastards keep more of their cash.

In effect, there’s a war going on at the bottom of the heap and those at the top couldn’t give a toss. Given the apathy of most of the population this is unlikely to change.

So what’s that got to do with the end of the World? Well, it’s pretty clear we care little about our fellow citizens. We’ll shaft them for a few quid or an hour of fame. Instead of doing things, we have more people inspecting people doing things such that soon you won’t be able to do anything at all – it’ll be too hard to pass the inspections. That probably won’t matter too much as everyone will be an inspector!

If you don’t freeze to death when the oil runs out or boil in global warming, the terrorists don’t kill you and you can find a place away from prying inspectors and everyone else with stupid ideas you might just be able survive.

Otherwise, unless common-sense returns in spadefuls pretty damn quick, then we’re all bolloxed 🙁

MP’s Expenses

Yes, it is unfair that the rules have been changed after the event and I quite understand why many MPs feel badly done by.

However, I am inordinately happy about it too 🙂

After all, lots of people are suffering and I don’t see why MP’s can’t share a bit of it…

Keeping in touch

It’s good to keep in touch and there are numerous so-called social networking sites on the Internet nowadays. You’ve probably heard of Facebook. I’m on one called LinkedIn which is aimed at networking with a view to getting project work, a new job and so forth.

Yesterday, David Page popped up after a long absence, at least from my perspective. David used to be a colleague and I count him as a friend so I was interested to learn he’s moved to France (the Limousin) and is making a living as a photographer. He is also well on the way to being self-sufficient.

So congratulations, David, it’s a fantastic part of the World and here’s a link to his website should you be in the Limousin and fancy some pictures doing. Irritatingly, they are considerably better than my own modest efforts 🙂

Pakistan & Commonwealth Games 2010

There’s some concern that the construction work for the Commonwealth Games in Pakistan in 2010 is behind schedule confirmed the unfortunately named Sheila Dikshit (New Delhi chief minister).

I don’t suppose that will concern the many homeless whose makeshift homes have been bulldozed to make way for the building works or those who will be behind a screen so the sensibilities of visitors are not offended.

Pity some of the 70 billion rupee budget (a shade under £1 billion) could not have been allocated to rehousing or even a few tents. 🙁

Lisbon Treaty

Let me get this right, there are calls for the Conservatives to agree to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty here in the UK should they win the General Election next year?

In the meantime, it appears the Polish will sign as they agreed to do so in the event of an Irish ‘Yes’ vote and we all know that’s happened.

The Czechs have been dragging their heels but not the Czech Parliament which could, through the courts, force the Czech premier to sign.

That would mean the Lisbon Treaty would be accepted by all member states since Gordon Brown signed for us way back in 2007.

So what would the referendum do, show how many of us think the treaty should not have been signed? Seems to me the horse has bolted and no-one even knows where the bloody stable is…