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Month: December 2009


I know, it’s a complete pain to be stuck somewhere when you want to be somewhere else. It’s also highly irritating when the ‘wrong type of snow’ is quoted as the reason.

Eurostar have a major problem in the PR department.

And so do YOU!

And YOU are all those people out there who want to foster the blame culture.

Yes, Eurostar could have done better and the UK could do better generally in wintry conditions but why do we always look for someone to blame?

Doesn’t everyone screw up sometime?

That’s how we learn to be better. So, let’s just sack everyone who screws up. Then they’ll never learn to be better and we’ll have a complete UK management team who are destined to screw up regularly.

Great plan, if you’re a dipstick!

Thou shalt shoplift

The Reverend Tim Jones has been widely quoted as advocating shoplifting in his latest sermon.

Oh how the nail gets hit on the head on occasion…

His ‘highly irresponsible message’ was widely condemned and, just as widely, deliberately misunderstood.

As a society we are happy to sacrifice people who don’t ‘fit’. So, if you are out of work, elderly, vulnerable, or generally just don’t fit the norm then ‘get used to it’ is the message. Maybe we should give these people the opportunity to travel to Dignitas on the NHS and get themselves out of our misery?

Hang on, ‘we’ create a World that favours the greedy and selfish and then complain when those less fortunate can’t cope but offer them no options…

Sorry, I agree with the Reverend, while it’s not acceptable to shoplift it’s loads better than being forced into prostitution.

It’s a sad reflection on our selfish, self-centred, materialistic existence that we turn a blind eye to those that can’t cope with our fast-paced, ‘meaningful’ lives and are quite prepared to sacrifice them for the ‘greater good’ (i.e. our greater good) rather than changing things for the better.

Stop sniping at Reverend Tim Jones, he just pointed out how selfish we all are…


I’ve decided to go on strike! Now, before anyone gets alarmed I can confirm that no-one will be affected by this unlike all the transport sector strikes such as BA and Eurostar. Baggage handlers at major airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton are also calling for strike action.

London Transport MIGHT strike as may The Post Office.

So that’s it, if you haven’t already gone then you’re probably stuck here, given that Globespan has just gone into administration if you’re already there then you’re probably staying a bit longer!

Why am I going on strike? Because I’m extremely jealous that loads of people are going to be sat on their arses doing nowt and I want to join them!

No children or animals were hurt in the making of this post 🙂

Happy Days…

I’m really looking forward to the next few months! Why? Well, Alistair Darling’s pre-budget report springs to mind…

What we could have had (and should have) was a painful realisation like Ireland. What we got was mumbo-jumbo.

Now what we have to look forward to is, like Ireland, strikes AND pain but, unlike Ireland, we’ll probably have it for years. At least the Irish premier had the sense to sweeten the pill by cutting the tax on alcohol. As a result, the Irish 20% budget reduction looks painful for everyone but, hey, Guinness can flow like water so who gives a shit 🙂

Here, however, the lunatics are truly in charge of the asylum…

A few thoughts…

Just a few quick thoughts on news items this morning.

Sandra Gregory

Sandra Gregory is too stupid to be allowed out on her own. Jailed in Thailand in the 1990’s for drug smuggling, she gets away with a life sentence commuted to 25 years and gets pardoned by the King of Thailand in 2000. For most people that would be enough but, oh no, the stupid woman tries to go back to ‘tie up some loose ends’ and has been deported today. She should have been sectioned.

Tiger Woods

I know, he’s the richest sports-person in the World. Everyone seems to want to know. The car crash is very odd and he appears to have more mistresses than I’ve had hot dinners. But, it’s so not interesting, except to the pathetic, sad sheep…

Camden Council vs Dr Richard Dawood

Dr Dawood parks his scooter on a strip of land outside his surgery and has done for years, after all, he does own the land! But that’s not good enough for Camden Council who regularly issue him with parking tickets. The good doctor has lost his case in court as, apparently, Camden Council can do this because there’s no barrier between the road and his surgery.

I’m willing to bet that if the good doctor applies for planning consent to build a barrier on his own land at his own expense it will get turned down! He might be better off talking to the chap who found a loophole in the law against parking a scooter on the pavement revealed here.