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Month: March 2010

Not the BBC News!

Is there any point in putting the BBC News on the schedules on a Sunday at all when it just moves around to accommodate sports events? I know there are sometime live events from around the World but highlights from yesterday’s whatever can be shown any time.

The News should be as reliable as a politician is corrupt, the News on Sunday isn’t.

It’s okay guys, I’ll go watch a different channel.

Most Stupid – A Competition

In a quest to find the most stupid person, organisation or event I’ll start the ball rolling…

Jobless Chris Jarvis got an apology after security staff marched him out of the Jobcentre for wearing a hoodie.

So, who IS the most stupid? Chris Jarvis for wearing it and claiming it was a requirement of his religion? The security staff for marching him out?

The Jobcentre for apologising?

Or the rest of us for putting up with this crap?

Your votes please and your contenders!


Now it’s become so much more difficult to arrange adoption we have decided to have a whinge. The Catholic Church has done much good work in the area of adoption but is now to be forced to consider same sex couples equally. It’s completely against their beliefs and I would argue they should not be forced to do this.

We do NOT support adoption by gay couples although I have nothing against same sex couples per se. Neither do I have a problem with lesbians or homosexuals generally, indeed I have met them socially and worked with them too. I have never had any issues with this.

However, in my opinion, children should be adopted by straight couples unless the child can be shown to have the same sexual orientation as the adopting couple. I don’t think there’s a test for that is there?

I have no problem with an adoption agency favouring same sex couples over straight couples but I DO have a problem with not having the choice to exercise my beliefs. If I worked in an adoption agency I would favour straight couples every time.

So, it’s probably just as well I have no say in the matter because I would tell the powers that be to get stuffed…