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Month: April 2010

Internet conspiracy…

Once upon a time, in the early days of the Internet, it used to be a source of useful information. A place where like minded people came together and exchanged views. What you read there may have not been 100% accurate but it was often the closest you could get.

Nowadays it’s difficult to trust a single word you read.

Why is that? Well, for one reason, access has become far, far too easy. Any ‘Tim nice but dim’ with access to a computer can access the Internet and make a so-called ‘contribution’.

Wikis were supposed to provide the ultimate on-line encyclopaedia, but, if anyone can contribute and the entries are not verified, it simply spreads rumour and gossip and urban myth around the globe.

It’s getting so that you can’t even figure out who the good guys are any more when there’s more spin than a politician trying to flip his dog kennel between London and the holiday villa in wherever.

Try a search for something important and you have to do as much off-line research as on-line – I might as well pull a book from the local library. At least I can call the author and call them an idiot.

Trouble with the Internet is, half the time at least, you can’t even identify the author; they usually have some ulterior motive and any message they may have is hidden underneath all the ‘monetisation’ garbage.

Then there’s SEO.

Well, that’s an excellent way of obscuring the truth and peddling bullshit to millions.

If I didn’t think I knew better I’d suggest it was just a big conspiracy to stop people from finding out just how shit everything was and why so many undeserving pillocks have way too much money…

Scottish and Welsh Complain

Plaid Cymru and SNP are complaining that they have been excluded from the televised debate by the three ‘main’ parties. Some have said that allowing other party leaders into the debate would open the floodgates while others say that SNP and Plaid Cymru have elected members in Westminster so should be entitled to their say.

What about the people watching? The SNP have long campaigned for an independent Scotland and the only reason for their presence in Westminster is to secure that goal. The same can be said for Plaid Cymru.

Fact of the matter is neither party will be in any position of power in England and I’m not terribly interested in what either of them have to say.

The first clash between Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg produced some interesting results and I’m looking forward to the next round.

Do I want the water muddied by bit-part players?

No, I do not!

Government exempt from Data Protection Act – Official!

It appears that he Government is exempt from the Data Protection Act and, indeed anti-SPAM legislation too!

Or, does the unsolicited e-mail to NHS  doctors and consultants pressurising them to support Labour not count?

Whatever it is, its a damn good reason to keep your details to yourself if even your Government will use them for it’s own ends.

Now, had it been me I would have been locked up so fast it would be just a blur…

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