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Month: June 2010

Abolish money!

Having just scraped through another recession it seems there’s more to come as £40billion gets wiped off the value of Britain’s biggest companies as a result of concern over the health of the banking system (Daily Mail, June 30th 2010).

Interest rates on savings are at an all-time low and the Chinese economy appears to be grinding to a halt.

Prison inmates are at an all-time high and the European Central Bank wants it’s £356billion back.

Criminals steal for money, scams are at an all-time high as the desperation of struggling citizens mounts as they try to secure jobs or find somewhere to live.

Truly, money is a major disaster for all. Some have too much while many have too little. Of course, the richest just get a little less rich and still have too little sense to use their money wisely in many cases.

Pity we can’t just abolish money and rid ourselves of crime, a financial sector that preys on consumers and ‘snout in the trough’ politicians at a stroke.

Not sure what would replace it but could it be any worse?

Prepare for War…

Following the budget the Public Sector unions were up in arms with Dave Prentis, leader of Unison, declaring “If the Government picks a fight, we will be fierce defenders of our members and the services they deliver”. Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT, appears to be ready to cause chaos in the classroom. So it follows for many of our major unions.

The difference in 2010 is that many people have had to put up with an unprecedented level of belt-tightening and, I believe, will not support these left-wing troublemakers.

There’s a feeling of ‘so what, we’ll do it ourselves, we don’t need you’ as it becomes possible to set up your own schools and many people have discovered a whole range of things they can do for themselves without interfering Public Sector jobsworths.

They should heed the message, we are heartily sick and tired of your whining.

So, either dig in and help or get lost.

Abdallah Chaabane on Facebook

It’s hard enough keeping your eye on your kids these days but it’s another task you have to add when there are people like Abdallah Chaabane lurking around on Facebook. Apparently in Tunisia, his/her MO is to try and befriend your kids through the Facebook friend request. For what purpose we can only guess.

Hiding behind a picture of Robert Patterson, this might be a very innocent and deluded deception but can you afford to take that chance?

All I can do is urge parents everywhere to make sure they know what their kids are up to on the Internet. It’s no good pointing the finger at Facebook and squeaking “They should have put on a panic button” because that’s crap. A panic button only works if someone presses it – in this case no-one will.

It’s down to you. Look out for them the same way you would if they were outside.

Rebuilding the UK economy

Now, as we are about to find out just how bad things are, I’m getting increasingly frustrated by economists and the like poring over their numbers. You can analyse to your heart’s content but something a little more meaningful than that is what’s required.

Getting the deficit down is essential, obviously, but building for the future is equally as important. For example, those businesses that come through the recession will do so for very specific reasons, one of which is diversity, the Country should take note. How can you apply that statement to a country? Take a touch of isolationism for a start.

ALL countries should have control of their own basic resources such as utilities. It should NOT be possible for another country to run utilities here. The majority of food production should be local and everyone should support local manufacturing. I’ve heard all the statements, I know it’s cheaper to manufacture in China, but it’s a short-term fix being bad for the individual countries and bad for the environment.

I have no problem with importing products we can’t manufacture locally (although that’s pretty much anything these days) but we should be able to manufacture basic products ourselves. And, to make it competitive, we’d use local labour who we currently pay through the benefits system so the costs would be minimised. I would also subtly tax foreign products that were sold where local equivalents were available.

I’ve heard all the arguments against that idea too. In my opinion, we in the UK are too soft, too willing to ‘go with the flow’ and too ready to put our faith in risky products such as financial services. The growing economies are doing so because they make things, the contracting economies buy too much from someone else, it’s that simple.

We place far too much emphasis on the esoteric and much too little on the practical but at the end of the day someone has to be able to use a hammer if you want the nail knocked in!

David Laws

Oh purlease! When will the stupid dipsticks in Government STOP! It’s not a witch-hunt…

David Laws may have been trying to hide his homosexual relationship but at the end of the day he STOLE £40,000.

That’s the problem, not the fact he’s been ‘outed’.

Get the message you IDIOTS – don’t STEAL.

David Laws was right to resign but there’s absolutely no need to resign as an MP too. Take the slap and move on!

Is Fergie taking the piss?

“I had been drinking”, says Fergie! So that makes it okay then? Does she think we came down with the last shower of rain?

Next time I’m caught out – not that I have the energy to be caught out these days – I’ll just say I was very, very drunk at the time and it will be okay!

I can just see the missus saying “Oh well, that’s okay then”

And if you believe that you’ll believe anything…