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Month: September 2010

Bank of England muppets…

The appropriately named Mr Bean, deputy governor of the Bank of England, urges us all to go out on a spending spree to help bring the country out of recession. Marvellous!

Idiotic bankers got us into this mess and had to be bailed out using our money. That didn’t stop them paying themselves huge bonuses rewarding their profligate and stupid behaviour. Now the banks only lend to a minority and only then under much more stringent conditions. Credit fuelled previous growth, our money, again.

To bail the country out will cost us yet more in taxes.

Now the Bank of England wants us to pay even more by spending on things we don’t need using money we haven’t got so that someone else will have even more money than they deserve.

Guess what? I won’t be joining the rush to the High Street. I’m too busy sorting out my own budget to worry about people who have considerably more of my money than they should have.

It’s long past time to look after number one, Mr Bean, and it isn’t you…

Today’s idiot list…

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Moral of the story – don’t do business with idiots…