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Month: October 2010

Moan, moan, moan

As it becomes clear what the full impact of the cuts will be the moaning starts…

Pete and Sam Smith complain that their £95,000 per year for sitting on their fat arses doing absolutely sweet FA is just not enough! Well, they can fuck off, why should I, and you, pay for them to toss it off? Not happening. Get off your lazy fat backsides and do summat.

I make breakfast, they get theirs delivered – on us! Lazy, ignorant, fat, arseholes…

Still, then there’s Wayne Rooney – OMG, Manchester United isn’t good enough for me, I’m worth £1,000,000 a month! HELLO! Wake up and smell the coffee you spoilt child – in a recession here and your earnings are disgusting. You play like an old woman too you tosser – you did what, exactly, in the World Cup?

The savings can be made easily – just get rid of the toss-off jobs like ‘Diversity Officer’, ‘Multicultural Integration Director’. Exactly what do these useless bastards do?

In the meantime, people who REALLY deserve some help get fuck all – hoo-fucking-rar!

Why SPAMmers should get an education…

“Now I deliver nothing against Christian Louboutin shoes. I ‘m wearing them now, in incident(but I am also not wearing them with a big gown, procession and a curtain). But if you are seriously focusing on practicality in determining your shoe pre-eminent, then like, fire me pass you a few options that intention consign you extreme fell, look crap-shooter and more formal with a lengthy gown and, most importantly, won’t soak up your intact clothes budget.

I acceptable either a Christian Louboutin Wedges or Christian Louboutin Platforms. The Christian Louboutin Platforms order furnish you height, although it power not do as genially as a flat shoe if there is a enormous Christian Louboutin selling of blow the gaff or the range is unequivocally wet. (Can you seek from the vineyard to eradicate a flat path for your aisle?) But a Christian Louboutin Rostrum unique should present you more base on which to relay your cross, and you ‘ll be alluring a inadequate vexation at leisure the heel, so it won’t sink in so much. I regard the Christian Louboutin Greissimo – Negro with jewels on the outlying ($172). Also, the heel shouldn’t be a spiky stiletto, or it will most certainly bring you down like you’re walking in quicksand.”
Well do YOU have any idea what it means?