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Month: November 2010


Out of Cher, Paige and Wagner guess who got through?

Yep, Wagner!

And this is a singing competition?

Fuck off – you’re taking the piss

Cut your coat to suit your cloth.

Common sense suggests that the current cost-cutting exercise is well advised. After all, we don’t want to end up like Greece do we?

Getting bailed out by the EU has a major sting in the tail as Ireland are finding out – they’ll have to raise more tax for the horrifyingly expensive and disorganised Brussels which has failed for 16 years in a row to get its accounts signed off by an auditor! So, with Brussels hovering like vultures, any rational government is going to go for cuts rather than ‘help’. It won’t be without some pain though.

There’ll probably be more protests like the recent one on student fees – curiously, most attendees wanted a peaceful protest but a minority, as usual, turned it into something considerably more serious. Interestingly, most of the troublemakers appeared to come from backgrounds that could easily afford to absorb the additional costs. The silent majority are, regrettably, rather apathetic.

Another downside will probably be the services that get cut. For example, I hear much talk about cutting rubbish collections and turning street lights off to save money but nothing about getting rid of non-jobs like Diversity Officer. So, services the taxpayer wants will be affected while services the loony left wants will be protected.

Maybe it’s time the silent majority of taxpayers staged a protest! After all, we’re paying.