Many people in my age group have no time for political correctness, elf & safety and any of the other garbage associated with modern-day life. As a result we may have a slightly different perspective on topical events!

Huddersfield Gunman Shot Dead

In the early hours of this morning a gunman in Kirkheaton near Huddersfield was shot and killed by Police. The gunman was involved in a stand-off with Police who had gone to arrest him the previous night during which event one of their number was shot by the man. Well, in these austere times we can’t be wasting money trying, convicting and jailing criminals so it all turned out rather well. In fact, I would encourage other criminals to wave firearms at the Police and get themselves shot thus saving taxpayers money and reducing the number of idiots on the loose. What of the Snowdrop campaign? Well, given that the number of illegal hand-guns in circulation went up by 40% in the 2 years following the ban it was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

Homosexual Celebrity Parents

Two gay men can’t become parents of the same child. In fact, I would argue that homosexual partners should not become parents until we can identify the child as having similarly tendencies. A straight child in a gay family? That’s just wrong. When the ‘parents’ are celebrities, like Elton John and David Furnish (Xmas day birth), children are often regarded as fashion accessories just like pets and handbags. While we are on the subject, gay couples can have their civil ceremonies – I have no problem with that but marriage? No! Stick with the civil ceremony, get the tax breaks, no problem, but stay away from my beliefs.

Jeremy Clarkson and the Burka

When this popped up in the news I thought he’d been wearing one but no, Clarkson was simply suggesting that the burka was an excellent way of preventing drivers being distracted by attractive young lady pedestrians. Having made a number of comments his suggestion that a young lady wearing a burka had tumbled revealing saucy underwear and stockings upset a number of viewers. I found it all rather amusing and typically controversial for Clarkson and Top Gear. With many countries considering a ban of the burka, I would extend the wearing of the burka (and hijab) making them compulsory for ugly women and fat people of both sexes. After all, it’s not just distraction we need to avoid on our busy roads but shock and abject terror can be dangerous too!

Lies, lies and more lies…

Governments don’t like it when information ‘leaks’ out to the public, nor do big organisations. Although neither appear to think information suppression is a problem! The hoi-polloi (that’s me and you) should have access to only ‘appropriate’ information. Or in other words, only such information as we are capable of ‘handling’. Of course, ‘appropriate’ and ‘handling’ are defined by the people keeping the information secret…hence Julian Assange’s current problems!

It doesn’t matter if Governments leak information, either deliberately or accidentally, that’s called politics or a cock-up, respectively. For example, many believe that the pre-budget ‘leak’ suggested the budget would be worse than it actually was and, when the budget was finally delivered, it wasn’t so bad! However, no-one gets taken to task about it either way.

Nor does it matter if big organisations suppress information, that’s business! You try and discover what the ACTUAL electricity tariff is in your area and see how many hoops you have to jump through…

Why being a lollipop lady sucks

Hundreds of lollipop ladies (and men) up and down the country are being made redundant in efforts by local authorities to save money. As a result, children’s lives may be put at risk in their journey to and from school. I do wonder how many non-essential local authority jobs are also going – you know the ones – Diversity Officer springs to mind. I suspect no member of an ethnic minority group will be injured if they are not aware of walking routes in the Lake District.

[to be continued…]