A the cuts start to REALLY bite it’s clear what’s going to happen, months of unrest from Public Sector workers plus dirty political manoeuvring from Labour keen to blame the Government for anything that goes wrong! Don’t get me wrong I’m sorry for the Public Sector workers who will lose their jobs, the teachers whose pension rights have changed for the worse and the budget cuts for local authorities.

However, I’m also sorry for all the workers who have not only lost their jobs but in many cases their pensions too as companies have failed during the recession. As for front-line services it’s not clear how the Government will prevent the likes of NHS management protecting non-jobs at the expense of medical staff. Rank and file Public Sector workers will take the biggest hit while their managers and the non-jobs will simply remain where they are. Public Sector is massively top-heavy, generally overstaffed and riddled with diversity officers and the like but what will they do to save money?

Correct! Make lollipop ladies redundant, refuse to take a reduction in their fat-cat salaries and blame someone else for their inadequacies.

Unfortunately, some people still don’t get it! The country is on it’s way to a national debt of a TRILLION pounds. The austerity measures will not reduce this, only prevent it from spiralling out of control. Unfortunately, many people seem to think that the national economy should be just like the millions of debt-laden idiots who make up the population.

The fact is, if we don’t achieve genuine savings then our World standing will be badly affected, it will cost us more to borrow and we could end up like Greece, Ireland or Portugal.

I know which I’d rather be.