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Taxpayers protest!

Well, not really but we should! After all, the students are protesting about fees going up but who pays for their education? Correct, the taxpayers do – that’s us. Shouldn’t WE be protesting about the waste of money that is the education system? After all it’s OUR money. Government budgets are just like household budgets except there are more noughts on the end – lots more. The same rules apply, however, spend more than you earn and, eventually, you’ll hit the rocks and be forced to balance your books – that’s where the Country is right now.

Students complain about their ‘right’ to a free education but what about my right to have my contribution to society used in an equitable manner? For example, if the Country needs particular skills then why not offer incentives to students to study in those areas? Thus, it would cost more to study degrees that were of no interest to anyone but the student. Another thing, all this hot air about ‘baby boomers’ pulling up the ladder of opportunity is just that – hot air. The proportion of ‘baby boomers’ studying for a degree was around 4%, nowadays the proportion of the population has risen to 40% yet there is no evidence that the Country has fully benefited from it’s investment given the proportion of degrees in useless subjects.

Additionally, the blinkered approach by many learning institutions leads to a glut of graduates who simply cannot think laterally. In other words, if it’s not in the book it must be wrong! Furthermore, there’s a great deal to be said for not taking a degree in the first place! We seem to be building a World where no-one can actually do anything and have devalued those people who can work with their hands. Yet, the local electrician can’t be outsourced – well, would you bring one in from Delhi?

I think students should consider very carefully whether the degree they desire will be of any value, they should stop assuming that they have a right to an education and then a right to a well-paid job when they graduate. They should consider that tax-payers have a right to object to their money being wasted – who pays for Student Unions that organise protests? Tax-payers. Maybe if students could decide whether they wanted to support Student Unions those unions would have considerably less funding. Sadly, ALL students are automatically ‘conscripted’ and tax-payers automatically pay.

I suggest the students, and their unions, keep it down – if tax-payers protest they might find themselves unceremoniously pitched out of of their cushy life and looking for a job at minimum wage!

Not the Politically Correct News!

Many people in my age group have no time for political correctness, elf & safety and any of the other garbage associated with modern-day life. As a result we may have a slightly different perspective on topical events!

Huddersfield Gunman Shot Dead

In the early hours of this morning a gunman in Kirkheaton near Huddersfield was shot and killed by Police. The gunman was involved in a stand-off with Police who had gone to arrest him the previous night during which event one of their number was shot by the man. Well, in these austere times we can’t be wasting money trying, convicting and jailing criminals so it all turned out rather well. In fact, I would encourage other criminals to wave firearms at the Police and get themselves shot thus saving taxpayers money and reducing the number of idiots on the loose. What of the Snowdrop campaign? Well, given that the number of illegal hand-guns in circulation went up by 40% in the 2 years following the ban it was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

Homosexual Celebrity Parents

Two gay men can’t become parents of the same child. In fact, I would argue that homosexual partners should not become parents until we can identify the child as having similarly tendencies. A straight child in a gay family? That’s just wrong. When the ‘parents’ are celebrities, like Elton John and David Furnish (Xmas day birth), children are often regarded as fashion accessories just like pets and handbags. While we are on the subject, gay couples can have their civil ceremonies – I have no problem with that but marriage? No! Stick with the civil ceremony, get the tax breaks, no problem, but stay away from my beliefs.

Jeremy Clarkson and the Burka

When this popped up in the news I thought he’d been wearing one but no, Clarkson was simply suggesting that the burka was an excellent way of preventing drivers being distracted by attractive young lady pedestrians. Having made a number of comments his suggestion that a young lady wearing a burka had tumbled revealing saucy underwear and stockings upset a number of viewers. I found it all rather amusing and typically controversial for Clarkson and Top Gear. With many countries considering a ban of the burka, I would extend the wearing of the burka (and hijab) making them compulsory for ugly women and fat people of both sexes. After all, it’s not just distraction we need to avoid on our busy roads but shock and abject terror can be dangerous too!

Lies, lies and more lies…

Governments don’t like it when information ‘leaks’ out to the public, nor do big organisations. Although neither appear to think information suppression is a problem! The hoi-polloi (that’s me and you) should have access to only ‘appropriate’ information. Or in other words, only such information as we are capable of ‘handling’. Of course, ‘appropriate’ and ‘handling’ are defined by the people keeping the information secret…hence Julian Assange’s current problems!

It doesn’t matter if Governments leak information, either deliberately or accidentally, that’s called politics or a cock-up, respectively. For example, many believe that the pre-budget ‘leak’ suggested the budget would be worse than it actually was and, when the budget was finally delivered, it wasn’t so bad! However, no-one gets taken to task about it either way.

Nor does it matter if big organisations suppress information, that’s business! You try and discover what the ACTUAL electricity tariff is in your area and see how many hoops you have to jump through…

Why being a lollipop lady sucks

Hundreds of lollipop ladies (and men) up and down the country are being made redundant in efforts by local authorities to save money. As a result, children’s lives may be put at risk in their journey to and from school. I do wonder how many non-essential local authority jobs are also going – you know the ones – Diversity Officer springs to mind. I suspect no member of an ethnic minority group will be injured if they are not aware of walking routes in the Lake District.

[to be continued…]


Out of Cher, Paige and Wagner guess who got through?

Yep, Wagner!

And this is a singing competition?

Fuck off – you’re taking the piss

Cut your coat to suit your cloth.

Common sense suggests that the current cost-cutting exercise is well advised. After all, we don’t want to end up like Greece do we?

Getting bailed out by the EU has a major sting in the tail as Ireland are finding out – they’ll have to raise more tax for the horrifyingly expensive and disorganised Brussels which has failed for 16 years in a row to get its accounts signed off by an auditor! So, with Brussels hovering like vultures, any rational government is going to go for cuts rather than ‘help’. It won’t be without some pain though.

There’ll probably be more protests like the recent one on student fees – curiously, most attendees wanted a peaceful protest but a minority, as usual, turned it into something considerably more serious. Interestingly, most of the troublemakers appeared to come from backgrounds that could easily afford to absorb the additional costs. The silent majority are, regrettably, rather apathetic.

Another downside will probably be the services that get cut. For example, I hear much talk about cutting rubbish collections and turning street lights off to save money but nothing about getting rid of non-jobs like Diversity Officer. So, services the taxpayer wants will be affected while services the loony left wants will be protected.

Maybe it’s time the silent majority of taxpayers staged a protest! After all, we’re paying.

Moan, moan, moan

As it becomes clear what the full impact of the cuts will be the moaning starts…

Pete and Sam Smith complain that their £95,000 per year for sitting on their fat arses doing absolutely sweet FA is just not enough! Well, they can fuck off, why should I, and you, pay for them to toss it off? Not happening. Get off your lazy fat backsides and do summat.

I make breakfast, they get theirs delivered – on us! Lazy, ignorant, fat, arseholes…

Still, then there’s Wayne Rooney – OMG, Manchester United isn’t good enough for me, I’m worth £1,000,000 a month! HELLO! Wake up and smell the coffee you spoilt child – in a recession here and your earnings are disgusting. You play like an old woman too you tosser – you did what, exactly, in the World Cup?

The savings can be made easily – just get rid of the toss-off jobs like ‘Diversity Officer’, ‘Multicultural Integration Director’. Exactly what do these useless bastards do?

In the meantime, people who REALLY deserve some help get fuck all – hoo-fucking-rar!

Why SPAMmers should get an education…

“Now I deliver nothing against Christian Louboutin shoes. I ‘m wearing them now, in incident(but I am also not wearing them with a big gown, procession and a curtain). But if you are seriously focusing on practicality in determining your shoe pre-eminent, then like, fire me pass you a few options that intention consign you extreme fell, look crap-shooter and more formal with a lengthy gown and, most importantly, won’t soak up your intact clothes budget.

I acceptable either a Christian Louboutin Wedges or Christian Louboutin Platforms. The Christian Louboutin Platforms order furnish you height, although it power not do as genially as a flat shoe if there is a enormous Christian Louboutin selling of blow the gaff or the range is unequivocally wet. (Can you seek from the vineyard to eradicate a flat path for your aisle?) But a Christian Louboutin Rostrum unique should present you more base on which to relay your cross, and you ‘ll be alluring a inadequate vexation at leisure the heel, so it won’t sink in so much. I regard the Christian Louboutin Greissimo – Negro with jewels on the outlying ($172). Also, the heel shouldn’t be a spiky stiletto, or it will most certainly bring you down like you’re walking in quicksand.”
Well do YOU have any idea what it means?

Bank of England muppets…

The appropriately named Mr Bean, deputy governor of the Bank of England, urges us all to go out on a spending spree to help bring the country out of recession. Marvellous!

Idiotic bankers got us into this mess and had to be bailed out using our money. That didn’t stop them paying themselves huge bonuses rewarding their profligate and stupid behaviour. Now the banks only lend to a minority and only then under much more stringent conditions. Credit fuelled previous growth, our money, again.

To bail the country out will cost us yet more in taxes.

Now the Bank of England wants us to pay even more by spending on things we don’t need using money we haven’t got so that someone else will have even more money than they deserve.

Guess what? I won’t be joining the rush to the High Street. I’m too busy sorting out my own budget to worry about people who have considerably more of my money than they should have.

It’s long past time to look after number one, Mr Bean, and it isn’t you…

Today’s idiot list…

…taken directly from our SPAM folder is:

Moral of the story – don’t do business with idiots…

Why am I deleting your posts?

Vanda Mefford, Jay Delamore & Wade Paletta you have the same Internet address and you just post the same old shite over and over again. Willis Zella & Kavan Wedo, you’re just copying the same old shite, probably from one of the above. None of you have working brain cells in double figures.

We may be 50+ but we are not stupid and we can spot a complete load of old bollocks a mile away.

If you see something like this:

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It’s total crap – you read it here first folks!

Retirement age abolished!

We live in exciting times as the Government vows to abolish the retirement age of 65, whoopee, we can all work until we drop!

This is a step forward?

Well it may be for the lawyers as employers use increasingly sneaky ways of getting rid of staff they don’t want, including older people. Of course, the lawyers won’t be giving this service away, they’ll be charging for it!

Some people  will want to continue working while others will not. I’m in the latter category wishing I was retired now but with a pension worth peanuts I’m having to do a few more years to get it up to scratch and get rid of my mortgage. Then I’ll be off!

Some unlucky souls have debts so large they can’t afford to retire whether they want to or not.

But what of the workers who are not up to scratch at 65-plus? Will they get paid they same rate for doing only a proportion of the work they used to do? Employers will resist that and so will younger employees.

So, what’s the point? Well, about 700,000 people become eligible for retirement every year, if they deferred by just one year that would save £3.5 billion a year. For every extra year deferred that’s an extra £3.5 billion! Bearing in mind we are living longer, pensions are paid by people working and there are fewer of those you can see the thinking behind this.

Of course, it’s being sold as a benefit to the older workers like you and me! Well, given what I know now, I would NEVER have worked. After all, there are more benefits to be had by sitting on your fat backside doing nothing, anyone who works just looks like a complete idiot.

Grumps off to make a brew…