Last year I spent a lot of time doing some property development. Now we’re nearly done and I thought I’d post some of the results…

First, we’re getting stuck in to the bathroom – lovely shade of pink!


We ended up ripping it all out including the floor.

Looks a touch better now eh?
So we turned our attention to the kitchen…impressive 🙂


We’re part way through at this point. It was gutted and eventually got wall and floor tiles and fully fitted units.
The lounge was dark and forbidding…


…but it’s also where we lived and slept while we tore the rest apart. The next picture is the view in the opposite direction through the newly installed patio doors.


That’s my bed next to the plaster and buckets! You can’t see the bed? It’s the space on the floor! A few beers and a chinese and I’ll sleep on a clothes-line 🙂

However, with a bit of TLC…

…here’s the happy owner enjoying the comforts of her new house…


Looks a bit more cheerful. And if you turn around…


…it’s the Dining Room with views out onto the patio.

The stairs presented a bit of a challenge as the stair-lift wouldn’t go round the bottom section which turned into the hall. This is what it looked like when we first went in…


The bottom section had to go so I ripped out about a third and rebuilt the stairs losing the bottom bend. This is more useful!


The post in the centre is where the stairs originally turned. You can also see there’s an extra bit – managed to just squeeze a downstairs loo into what was an under-stairs cupboard!

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Haha, it took a month just to get all the wallpaper off and the preferred finish was to paint the walls. Unfortunately, the plaster was so bad there was NO chance. I invited a plasterer to quote but he took one look and legged it so we did it ourselves. About 3 weeks was spent on the rewire and when the plumber saw the gas he laughed and went out for his test kit. In the end it had to be ripped out and re-done. In fact, whenever we opened something up it generated a load more work.

Would I recommend you take on a project like this? Experience helps, knowing which trades you can trust helps too – I had a gang of great guys to call on. You’ll need deep pockets too!

To be continued…