If you want a more adventurous than average holiday why not try renting an RV in Canada? We did a one-way from Vancouver to Calgary via Vancouver Island. The scenery was spectacular! You can’t pick up an RV the same day you land in case of jet-lag so we spent some time in Vancouver starting with Stanley Park.
Stanley Park, Vancouver
Gastown is worth a visit too. The clock in this picture is steam powered! Gastown is now a district in the city of Vancouver but was the original city. You can read more about Gastown here.
Taking the ferry over to Vancouver Island we discovered that artists flock there to paint murals on any available bit of blank space.
Pretty impressive they are too. You can find out more about the murals here.
Typical Canadian lake scene, the green is due to dissolved minerals.
August/September is still quite warm.
Just one of many National Parks.
Looking up the Lake Louise glacier.
A view down the path from Lake Louise to the glacier.