Politics is just about politics and it should be about more than that. It should be about leading, about governing and about building for the future. That’s the problem, there’s far too much one-upmanship¬†to allow anything useful to be done. Too much sniping and too much stabbing in the back. We’re also very much a blame culture – someone makes a mistake and they’re forced to resign, never allowed to learn from their mistake and move on.

No doubt that the recent riots, primarily in London but latterly spreading to other cities, will be followed by opposition calls for an end to austerity measures. If only it were so simple!

Long before cuts were mooted graduates were coming out with degrees but no jobs to go to. There’s a limit to the number of jobs available to graduates so there’s no point having loads of well-qualified people with nowhere to work. Then there’s the ‘stupid’ degrees like David Beckham studies (Staffordshire University, UK), that’s pretty useful in the world of work! Then, of course, despite all that expensive education they STILL can’t spell for shit…

Then there’s all the cannon-fodder that used to get mopped up by manual labouring jobs and the armed forces, but are now languishing on benefits because the armed forces are cutting back and immigrants take all the labouring jobs. It pays less than benefits anyway! Point is, there’s little or no social mobility any more so people see no chance of improving their lot – not that there’s a simple answer as far as I can see.

Politicians need to not only listen more, they need to DO more. Do more with the ideas they get from the electorate instead of fobbing people off as though they were mindless simpletons. Yes, Theresa May, we know you believe in policing by consent. Well, ask the people in the affected areas of London what they think about the riots and you’ll get your consent – to send in the Police with water-cannon, CS gas etc. and give the rioters a bloody good hiding.

While the Police do their job politicians should consider this. Politicians made the country what it is, engineered a situation where it was possible for a mob of mindless thugs to cripple whole swathes of a city, loot, maim and kill with impunity. Longer term, politicians should be thinking of ways to atone for previous mistakes.