They don’t seem to want the over-fifties in the job market while, at the same time, common-sense appears to have flown out of the window in the younger ones…

Take climate change, all you hear is politically-motivated claptrap from people with an axe to grind about something. Where’s the motivation for ordinary people to do anything? Perhaps it’s only experienced old grumpies like me that think about this sort of thing…

Yes, I know about oil, that it’s running out but transportation only accounts for ~28% of energy usage by sector. Industry uses ~22% while buildings consume the remainder. Buildings also gobble up 76% of the electricity generated. Okay, those figures are from the United States but I would guess they apply to pretty much the whole of the developed world.

Common-sense suggests to me that buildings, as the largest consumers of energy, are the first things we should be looking at with regard to averting climate change. Or is that too sensible?

Now, you could go berserk with your insulation but you could also reduce the amount of unnecessary commuting. Why do you need to go to the call centre when it can quite easily be done from home. The same applies to designers, publishers, administrators and many others. The wage bill could be reduced as the travelling costs would be eliminated. Building costs would be massively reduced as they could be much smaller.

Newer buildings could be smaller and more energy efficient – reduction in energy usage. Commuting would be reduced – reduction in energy usage. We over-fifties might get some of these new jobs too! After all, we could do them from our ‘easy riser’ armchairs and our zimmer-frames could remain at home 🙂


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